My Blended Life

1074691_165421293668179_1379849500_oIt seems to make the most sense to start blogging with an introduction of myself, and the meaning behind my website’s name. Hi, I’m April.  My husband and I were married almost three years ago now.  He is my second chance at ‘forever’.  I also happen to be his second chance. ‘Forever’ is looking like it might actually be attainable…

Since I had two children with my first husband and he had one child with his first wife, we were already a blended family when we united. My family at the time also consisted of my niece and nephew.  If that doesn’t sound busy and hectic enough, my mother lives with us too!  Since then, we have also added our very own little boy to the mix.

My mother is our live-in nanny.  She keeps the baby every day, picks up the kids from school, helps keep the house straight, helps the nephew with his homework daily, and (in essence) runs the show while my husband and I work.  She is a life saver. She is super handy at fixing small things around the house while my husband isn’t available.  She keeps everything moving forward and I wouldn’t trade her for anything in this world…and she drives me nuts.  That’s normal right?!  No matter how old we get, or how many children of our own we have, or how capable we are …mothers can’t stop being mothers…it’s nature. The fact is, we wouldn’t really want them to.

My husband walked into a family that consisted of me, my kids, my mother, and my niece and nephew.  My mother and I struggled to get it all done, but we managed.  How many men do you know that would actually want all that responsibility and chaos?  It’s never quiet, it’s never ending needs/wants, bills, to do lists, dirty laundry, projects of all kinds, busy schedules, and anything you could possibly think of in between.  I thought he was crazy…jury is still out on that one.  Regardless of the verdict, we have adjusted quite well.  No matter what, we have each other and this eccentric little collection of people that we call family.

The niece (age 21 and a very artsy, helpful, sensitive, and dramatic individual) and nephew (age 8 and a very smiley, clueless, hardheaded, and sweet child)…well, that is a story that will take more than a paragraph for sure.  Maybe we will touch on that at another time.  However, since this blog will not be focused on the negative aspects of the past, it might be best to not approach the reasons why I have them in the first place.  I will just say, these two children belong to my older sister.  They needed stability.  We provide(d) them with that.  It hasn’t always been easy, but that is what family does.  We help each other.

The step-son (age 11 and is a ball of energy with a tough exterior and a soft/sweet heart) is with us every other weekend…sometimes more if we have special things going on that we need him to be present for. He has lived with us for months at the time, several times at that, but keeps going back to his mom’s.  He loves both his parents so tremendously that he just can’t seem to decide on living with just one.

My daughter (age 19 and is my sneaky, boundless, nervous, worry-wart, caring, and somewhat edgy, songbird and ONLY daughter) has now moved out since she graduated high school and somehow got the idea that she was grown.  So, we see her on holidays and randomly in between at the moment.

My oldest son (age 15 and is my grounded, temperamental, instrument playing, little brother loving, intellectual child) has his own room in the house.  He is now the oldest child at home since his sister moved out.  We felt it necessary to give him his space (mostly so he didn’t kill the nephew and the step-son since the age differences made for different interests and noise levels).

Our baby boy (age 2 and is our beautiful ball of pure light, love, joy, happiness, cuteness, and holy hell in a hand-basket child..hello terrible twos) bunks in our room.  He sleeps in his crib some,but always winds up in the bed with mommy and daddy before the night is through.  He is everyone’s entertainment in the house and he is…priceless…and rotten, absolutely rotten.

This concludes the introduction to our ‘Blended’ family.  Stay tuned for the daily fun stuff…



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