Striving for Diversity


What do you strive for?  We all have aspirations.  Do you strive to fit in, to be invisible so as to not be bothered, or for perfection in the most general and worldly sense of the word?  Honestly, if you strive for any of those things, you aren’t being diverse.  To be diverse, you must stand out.  To stand out is to be noticed.  To be noticed is to make a difference.

While I feel diversity is necessary, it can also be difficult to attain.  As an introvert and a highly guarded person with people I am not extremely familiar with, diversity proves to be a tremendous challenge as the need to be invisible feels safest.  The need to be quiet and observant generally wins out over being the life of any party…if I were to ever attend them.

With all that being said, the need to make a difference and to truly be different burns like wildfire in my soul.  Of course, until the epiphany of how to bring about this chance to be diverse enough to get noticed and make a difference slaps me in the face…the current satiable hobby is blogging.  It is only the beginning of something immeasurably great.

The dream: to own my own business. To be diverse enough to have so much work that I won’t be able to keep up with it all.  Diversity is key here.  If you do not stand out, you get lost in the crowd…forgotten and unsuccessful.

The mission: to be able to put the dream to good use by giving and doing works for local charities.

The goal: to teach the children compassion for others…all others, no matter how diverse they might be.  We are none better than any other.  There is no such thing as better or worse…there is only difference…diversity.


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