Survival:Natural Instinct


From the day we are born, it is natural instinct to do everything we can to survive/live. Isn’t it funny though, the different ideas of what it means to live…what it means to survive on a daily basis?

For instance, some people wake in the mornings, take in a big breath of air, stretch, smile, kiss their children, and just enjoy the everyday ins and outs of living and that is beautifully satisfying to them.  Survival to them, in its simplest form, is breathing, eating, and keeping your mind, body, and family healthy and safe.

Then you have those that believe that you are only ‘living’ if you are taking risks and gambles, jumping out of airplanes, climbing mountains, and surviving in nature’s harsh elements ‘Naked and Afraid’ (which I find ridiculous, even cave dwellers knew how to cover themselves and battle the elements.  This show was derived by perverts, in my most humble opinion).  The last on that list is probably most accurately what survival truly is, without the naked part. Survival is…to exist, to live, sometimes in the simplest of means…despite whatever odds you are up against.

Survival is…to overcome this world’s demons.



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