What is it?


The ability to see and experience all of God’s creations?  Or, the ability to see God’s vision, his plan for your life.  The ability to understand God’s vision and purpose for this country, this world, our era?  All very deep, and very beautiful thoughts/theories.  However, are we fulfilling the vision, or do we fall short?

My blog…I can’t see your toes so please forgive me if I step on them.

Be thankful, every single day, for your sight: to be able to enjoy the countless numbers of luscious corn fields as you pass them on your way to and from your daily destinations, the ability to see your beautiful children’s faces light up…the glimmer in their eyes…and even the tears roll down their sweet cheeks, the visual of all God’s glory that is nature…the way the morning light hits the dew on the petal of a flower that makes it shimmer as if there were glitter upon it…the enormity of the trees and all the various trunks, bark, leaves, and flowers that they possess…down to the smallest birds that wear a multitude of colorful coats and own the gift of flight.  Vision is a blessing that we should be very grateful to behold.

Be patient while you wait for the answers to your prayers about what God has in store for your life’s work.  Some people already know what their calling is, and some of us are still waiting for that answer. Be still, be quiet, be observant, and listen.  He will tell you in His time,if you will listen and obey.

God’s vision for this country, this world, our era?  This is where you probably think I will get religious and political.  Both of those words are ugly to me and I refuse.  Instead, I say to you…we all need Jesus, not religion…we all need patience, love, compassion, to h open-minded, forgiving, hard-working, self-sufficient, supportive, and most of all KIND. Always, always be kind.  That is what I believe our God wants us to be, and I make every effort, every day to do the best I can.  Some days are truly trials, no doubt about that, but He knew he was making children full of flaws and knows we will fail sometimes and that is how we learn. He wants to see you try.

Be somebody’s blessing today because we, too, are blessed daily.



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